Introducing How To Build Your Online Business


Introducing How To Build Your Online Business

Are you interested in building your own online business? I’m Kenny Keller the creator of Helicopter Online Ground School and author of the Amazon bestseller, Helicopter Check-ride. It’s an online training and online membership site. I can tell you, over 5 years later it’s absolutely amazing.

I had a vision. I had a dream. I had an idea and I’ve turned it into reality. The beauty is, no matter what it is you're wanting to teach, whatever you are an expert at or authority on, you can use, basically the same system I have used and I've learned from trial and error, how to make it work. In this new membership site, we have five modules of training. I walk you through step by step, basically, what I did from the first day, I took a little flip video camera and set up on top of a cereal box and did a video with my whole entire head in the camera, the most horrible video of all time.

Introducing How To Build Your Online Business

The need for online training is growing. Do any research at all, check Google, and you probably already know how fast this online training, online membership sites, coaching consulting, how it's just absolutely blowing up. We are going to give you our first two modules of training. Each module has ten different videos. In the next video, I go through the camera equipment, starting with a flip video, the different web cams I’ve used up through the Canon camera that I’m using now.

Third video is basic video downloading and basic editing. I’ve added computers. I’ve added cameras. I’ve added lights. I have another new system I’m using right now, for all this fancy camera and presentation switching you see. Technology is cheap. All of you have smart phones. You can get a little tripod. You can get a selfie stick. Then, moving to the audio equipment. Of course, I started with a flip video camera, started with a thirty dollar, little cheap Radio Shack mic.

Introducing How To Build Your Online Business

Then, I got a little better mic and then I moved up to the yeti. I have another nice lapel mic that I use. I go through and explain exactly the audio equipment. Then, the next video is getting started shooting video.

You’ve got to take your camera, your phone, whatever, and start shooting some video.When we get you started shooting video, then I’ll give you some ideas on creating video content, in the next video, in video six because there’s a method to this madness, but then you’ll see how it starts with the video, ideas for content, what we do with that content, turning it into membership sites and books, and all kinds of interesting cool stuff.

Then, in video number seven, I show you my YouTube channel. I’ve got just about over half a million views on one of my channels and I have several others that are working on, as well. I give you some of the basic tips and tricks and things I’ve learned, to help you with your videos and get started with your YouTube channel.

Introducing How To Build Your Online Business

Then, I’m going to show you how to transcribe your videos. Here’s where it starts to become cool. You’re going to make these videos. You’re going to turn them into blogs. You’re going to turn them into podcasts.

You’re going to turn them into paid content, which can be turned into a book. In video ten, I go into post your content to social media. I, then, go into how I created my first membership site. Nick Logan, that got me started with all this says, “Hey, I think your answer is a membership site,” It takes care of your shopping cart. You put your PayPal button, buy now buttons, in this site.

Then, I’ll talk about how to create a book from your content. I can tell you, I was never really interested in doing a book. I never thought I would do a book, ever. I can tell you now, after publishing a book, hitting Amazon number one bestseller in twelve hours, and the stories and responses I’ve had from creating a book, is simply incredible. Then, a video on create your own DVD product. I can tell you, when I started my online training, that’s all I intended on it being.

I, then, go into computers and the beauty of an online business. I can tell you, this is what’s cool. I now have an iPhone6 plus. I can be anywhere and I can take care of a customer request. I can go in on my iPhone 6 plus, handle things I need to be doing. The number twenty video is teleprompter’s. I have a cool little teleprompter app. I have my iPad I’ve been using and a cool mount for the tripod. I just started using another app that is voice activated.


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